Episode 04

Changing A Life You Don't Love 

with Paula Hagiefremidis 

What do you do when you lose yourself? When you're stuck in a life you don't love?

In this episode on I am joined by Paula Hagiefremidis, otherwise known as The Mediterranean Wanderer.

Paula shares a similar experience to my own; she was living an "ideal life" in Byron Bay, had a good job and relationship, but was still unhappy, something was missing in her life,. She had lost her passion and derailed from her life's purpose.

She bravely packed up 8 years of life in her ideal home and closed the door on an 11-year relationship. Facing fear, doubt and uncertainty led her to experiencing one of the greatest breakthroughs she could have possibly imagined and shot her back to life

If you feel like a piece of the puzzle is missing in your life, then this episode is for you.


Paula's website:






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